2BNB Android App

2BNB is no longer in service. The below is maintained for posterity.

To the Bottom and Back (2BNB) is a Richmond, VA based non-profit organization whose goal is to discourage drunk driving by supplying transportation for those seeking to enjoy the Richmond night life.

2BNB currently operates buses on continuous loops throughout the major arteries of Richmond, VA from 6pm to 3am, Thursday-Saturday. 2BNB bridges the gap between the Fan district, the East End/Downtown, Boulevard and Broad Streets, and aims to fill the void that existing public transportation creates. During the regular school year, 2BNB even offers a route that runs through the University of Richmond campus to make sure students get to enjoy all Richmond has to offer.

Visit 2BNB (dead link removed)

This app for Android powered devices allows you to see the bus positions as well as your own position so you can more effectively meet up with the buses and get where you want to go!

Download 2BNB from the Play Store

iPhone users can download the companion app on the iTunes App Store.

Download 2BNB from the iTunes App Store

A special thanks to apptory for building and hosting the web services used by this application to pull bus and route information.

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Why is a route not displayed even when I have the preference set to display it?

Not all routes run year-round. When a route is out of service, we disable it internally. This allows the other routes to be pulled down and drawn faster and for the application to perform more efficiently since it isn’t processing unused data.

Why does it take a few moments for the routes to show up when I open the app and when I change a viewing preference?

All of the route information is stored remotely and is loaded dynamically when the application loads and when preferences are changed. This allows the application to be flexible if routes change in the future, and keeps the user from having to download an updated version of the app just to see those changes.

Why are buses not running when they are scheduled to be?

This could be for a couple of reasons. Some nights are just slow nights, and there’s no need to have multiple buses servicing the same route. Another consideration is that 2BNB stays operational via donations. If you’d like to help your favorite routes stay running, please consider making a donation to the organization. I’ve even made it easy for you by including the donate link.

Donate (dead link removed)

What is your association with 2BNB?

I live in Richmond and agree with 2BNB’s goal for reducing drinking and driving. I am in no further way associated with the company and am in no way compensated for this application by 2BNB or any other parties.